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    Smart, customized POS systems that make running your business easier
    Demand Better Solutions for Your Business.

Faster, Simpler, Safer

Run credit card transactions in seconds

Set up tax rates once, and apply them automatically

See most deposits in your bank account the next day

Get full encryption on PCI-Certified System

Get Fraud protection up to $100,000

Take payment with or without wifi

Process offline sales when you reconnect

Rely on 24/7 expert phone support

Build Your Perfect POS System

Station, Mini, Flex, and Go

Expertly designed to sync and work together. Build your POS system the way your business operates. Mobile and stationary devices customized to your needs, whether you’re a restaurant, retail, or service business.

Clover® Station

Our largest, fastest point of sale system
The all-in-one POS system that comes with a cash drawer and receipt printer.

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Clover® Mini

A full point of sale system in a small package
Everything you need, at your fingertips

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Clover® Flex

Payments Beyond the Counter
Modern Payments. Fast and Simple.
Everything your business needs, in one simple, reliable device

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Clover® Go

Mobile Payment Solutions
Wherever Your Business Takes You
Clover® Go makes it easier – and safer – to take your business to your customers.
Whether at the local farmer’s market or at a customer’s job site, you can accept payments on the go, wherever you have a wifi or cellular connection.

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What Clover® POS Can Do

Built-in payments

  • Accept all types of payments – Swipe and insert cards, take gift cards, scan checks – right from your point sale. No additional equipment needed.

Reach your customers

  • Build and manage your customer database, set up a loyalty program, and access built-in marketing tools like feedback and promotions.

Gift cards included

  • Replace untrustworthy paper gift certificates with physical or digital gift cards that can be stored on a card or on a phone. Customize with your own logo.

Everything you need in a POS

  • Modernize and streamline your front of house – take orders, process refunds and returns, take sales tax, and change items and prices on the fly.

Run your business from anywhere

  • Monitor sales, refunds, and customer spending habits in real time from any device. Export reports for payroll, taxes, and accounting.

Thriving Staff, Thriving Business

  • Your employees are your most important resources. They’re the people who make your business tick. Clover helps you support and manage them so they can in turn make you thrive.

App Market

Make Your Business Better: Intelligence, agility, ingenuity

Your Clover POS does more than just credit card processing. It connects to services like Yelp, MailChimp, and QuickBooks




Clover® Gift Cards




Constant Contact

Tools to Energize Your Business

Explore the ways we can tailor our solutions to serve your unique business needs. Card & Beyond and Clover will help all businesses grow with fast, affordable, and scalable payment solutions.

The number of apps available for the Clover® System

Powerful POS applications included in every system

Process every payment with register

Keep customer coming back with promos

Hear directly from fans with feedback

Run loyalty programs with Rewards

Offer discounts by time slot with Happy Hour

Seat guests and manage waitstaff with Clover Dining

Schedule your staff with Shifts

Manage your contact list with Customer

Restaurant POS

Set a New Standard for Restaurant Management

Authorized Dealership

Flagship POS System

The most multilingual and highly customizable POS available in the market. Menusifu offers an automatic CALLER ID DISPLAY – when the customers calls, it instantly pulls out information of the customer. It also creates a delivery address, route, and distance automatically on the POS. It offers you to manage multiple stores on different scales with detailed analysis reports on the mobile app.
*Multi-languages including English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Greek, Hindi, Portuguese, Russian, and more.

Tablet Solution

A Menusifu’s mobile POS is one of the fastest mobile POS systems on the market, is compatible with IOS, Android and Windows platforms. The integrated system synchronizes all updates o menus, orders and other settings on all devices with changes made on one platform.

Mobile Ordering

Mobile ordering makes it easy to order in the restaurant, all you have to do is scan the QR code of the restaurant.
You’ll be able to stay on top of everything in real-time with negligible errors.

Online Order

Professional web design integrated with the POS system enhances your brand, from tempting food photos to a simple customizable order page, Online Order makes it easy for your customers to fulfill their desires.


Menusifu kiosk is a streamlined version of e-Menu.
It is ideal for fast food restaurants and snack bars.

Kitchen Display Screen

Replace kitchen printer with kitchen display screen.
Easy to track and manage orders.
Improve work efficiency.